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'The African Queen' (1951) Adventure, PG

Just finished watching African Queen, The.

I would give it 2 1/2 out of 5 stars or 4 1/2 out of 10. I thought Katharine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart had zero chemistry throughout the whole thing, which was a shame. It made me think though, besides Bacall, has Bogey really had onscreen chemistry with any other leading actresses? The scenery was beautiful and I liked that it was filmed mostly on location, which gave way to lots of off-screen problems that sounded more dramatic and interesting than the film itself. Apparently Bogey was the only one who didn't get ill throughout the shooting because his diet included zero water and lots of whiskey. Sounds like Katharine Hepburn narrowly escaped a series of possibly fatal accidents and spent a lot of time with buckets by her side. Definitely the trooper. The screenplay was censored and had to be rewritten many times due to things like co-habitation whilst not married. Bogey's character originally spoke with a thick Cockney accent, which Bogey could not do, so that caused another screenplay overhaul. I wonder if the original novel by C. S. Forester, The African Queen, fares better and if this might not be an interesting read The Making of the African Queen: Or How I Went to Africa With Bogart, Bacall and Huston and Almost Lost My Mind by the Great Kate herself. Any of you ever read it?

Debating on whether or not to watch another 'A' movie or to move a long.